A Beginner’s Journey with an Esky Remote Controlled Helicopter

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Watching a remote-controlled helicopter dart across the expanse of the sky can stir up that childlike wonder and excitement in any of us. There’s something about taking to the air, even vicariously, that calls out to our spirit of adventure.

Not too long ago, I found myself captivated by the agile maneuvers of these miniature choppers but felt a tad overwhelmed about how to get started—that is until Esky caught my attention with their approachable helicopters equipped with altitude hold for effortlessly smooth flying.

If you’re ready to embrace your inner pilot and navigate the friendly skies, this post serves as your quintessential guide to selecting and mastering an Esky Remote Controlled Helicopter.

Whether you’re just starting out or already have your aviation stripes, stick around because we’re about to ascend!

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Esky RC Helicopters

Esky RC helicopters are known for their durability, stability, and maneuverability. These features make them a great choice for beginner pilots looking to develop their flying skills.


I’ve got to tell you, the altitude hold feature in these Esky RC helicopters is a game-changer for stability. Whether I’m flying indoors or taking it outside, that extra control keeps my helicopter right where I want it – hovering with precision.

This makes it a great fit for both novice pilots who are just getting the hang of things and expert pilots looking to perfect their aerial maneuvers.

These remote-controlled birds aren’t just about steady flight either; they respond to controls like a dream, giving me predictable handling every time. It’s reassuring knowing that my inputs will translate into smooth actions in the air without any surprises.

And size? They’ve got something for everyone – from compact electric models that are perfect for living room flights to larger gas-operated choppers that own the skies outdoors. Now, let’s talk about how tough these flyers are under “Durability”.


Durability matters a lot to me when I choose an RC helicopter. The Esky 150 V2 caught my eye because it’s built for beginners, and that means it has to withstand quite a few crashes and rough landings.

It shows they’ve designed this model with toughness in mind, understanding that new pilots might not always have the smoothest flights.

The resilience of these helicopters often comes into question with their batteries though; Li Po batteries can be fickle and may affect the endurance of your flying sessions if not handled correctly.

Reports also suggest that some problems exist with the Esky 2 helicopter concerning its overall sturdiness and reliability, which tells me quality control is critical before taking one of these birds home.

My take? Always check out how solid and reliable an RC helicopter feels before you buy it – strength in build gives you more bang for your buck over time.


I’ve flown plenty of RC helicopters, but Esky models stand out for how easy they make precision flying look. Their coaxial rotors and 6 DOF Control System aren’t just fancy features—they truly give you the edge with responsive handling.

You can pull off dynamic control moves that’ll have onlookers thinking you’re a seasoned pilot.

Esky’s got this helicopter, the Esky 150 BL, that’s something else with its altitude hold feature—talk about smooth handling! It keeps your chopper steady so you can concentrate on nailing those aerobatic maneuvers without breaking a sweat.

Power and agility come together in these birds, making quick maneuvering feel like second nature while keeping your flights as stable as they get.

Benefits of Esky Remote Controlled Helicopter

The Esky remote controlled helicopter offers entertainment for all ages and helps develop piloting skills. Its versatility makes it a great choice for beginners and experienced pilots alike.


As I pilot my Esky remote-controlled helicopter, the colorful fuselage catches every eye in the park. The high contrast yellow and blue design pops against the backdrop of a clear sky, making it not just fun to fly but a visual spectacle for onlookers too.

I get lost in the excitement, maneuvering through sharp turns and graceful arcs with ease thanks to its advanced gyroscope stabilization.

Flying these helicopters ramps up backyard gatherings or solo adventures to a new level of cool. At night, flipping on those LED lights transforms my ordinary flying toy into an electric simulation of a fighter plane zipping through darkness.

It’s pure entertainment watching that hobby-grade model soar with such precision and flair.

Now let’s explore how playing with an Esky RC Helicopter isn’t just entertaining—it also sharpens your skills!

Skill development

Esky Remote Controlled Helicopters are an excellent tool for skill development, helping users enhance their hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness. The high-contrast design of Esky helicopters aids in maintaining orientation, allowing individuals to improve their control skills while piloting the aircraft.

Additionally, with the availability of affordable replacement parts, users can continually practice and refine their flying skills without worrying about budget constraints. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to advance your piloting proficiency, Esky Remote Controlled Helicopters are designed to support your journey towards mastering remote-controlled aircraft operation.

Flying an Esky helicopter not only provides entertainment but also serves as a practical way to develop numerous valuable skills such as orientation, control skills, and overall proficiency in piloting remote-controlled models.


Esky remote controlled helicopters offer a diverse range of sizes and models, making them suitable for users with different preferences and experience levels. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, there is an Esky helicopter designed to suit your skill level.

This versatility allows for a wide range of users to enjoy the thrill of flying a remote-controlled helicopter, regardless of their previous experience or expertise in piloting such devices.

ESKY Remote Control Helicopter Model Comparison

Quick Recommendation

Hey, for a quick recommendation, check out the product list or scroll down for more comprehensive reviews.

Comparison Table

ESKY 150XP 5CH 6 Axis Gyro' CC3D RC Helicopter BNF Compatible with SBUS DSM PPM Receiver
Powerbrick ESKY F150BL V3 5CH RC Helicopter Aircraft, Electric Simulation Tail-LED Fighter Plane Hobby-Grade Model for Airwolf Movie, 6-axis Gyroscope, Ready to Fly, for Beginner Children Teen
ESKY 150XP 5CH 6 Axis Gyro’ CC3D RC Helicopter BNF Compatible with SBUS DSM PPM Receiver
Powerbrick ESKY F150BL V3 5CH RC Helicopter Aircraft, Electric Simulation Tail-LED Fighter Plane Hobby-Grade Model for Airwolf Movie, 6-axis Gyroscope, Ready to Fly, for Beginner Children Teen
Controller Included
1.27 ounces
14.1 ounces
Indoor / Outdoor Use
ESKY 150XP 5CH 6 Axis Gyro' CC3D RC Helicopter BNF Compatible with SBUS DSM PPM Receiver
ESKY 150XP 5CH 6 Axis Gyro’ CC3D RC Helicopter BNF Compatible with SBUS DSM PPM Receiver
Controller Included
1.27 ounces
Indoor / Outdoor Use
Powerbrick ESKY F150BL V3 5CH RC Helicopter Aircraft, Electric Simulation Tail-LED Fighter Plane Hobby-Grade Model for Airwolf Movie, 6-axis Gyroscope, Ready to Fly, for Beginner Children Teen
Powerbrick ESKY F150BL V3 5CH RC Helicopter Aircraft, Electric Simulation Tail-LED Fighter Plane Hobby-Grade Model for Airwolf Movie, 6-axis Gyroscope, Ready to Fly, for Beginner Children Teen
Controller Included
14.1 ounces
Indoor / Outdoor Use

1. ESKY 150XP Remote Control Helicopter

ESKY 150XP Remote Control Helicopter

(Images Credits: Amazon)

Elevate Your Flying Skills with Advanced 6 Axis Gyro Technology


  • The ESKY 150XP Remote Control Helicopter offers a durable and lightweight design, making it easy to maneuver and suitable for both beginners and experienced flyers.
  • Equipped with a 6-axis gyro stability system, this helicopter provides smooth and stable flight performance, allowing for precise control in various flying conditions.
  • With its compact size and powerful motor, the ESKY 150XP is capable of agile movements and impressive aerial stunts, providing an exhilarating flying experience.
  • Featuring a 4-channel remote control, this helicopter enables versatile directional controls and allows pilots to perform advanced maneuvers such as hovering, forward/backward movement, left/right sideward fly, and 360° flips.
  • Its high-capacity rechargeable battery ensures extended flight time, allowing users to enjoy longer sessions without frequent recharging.
  • The ESKY 150XP comes with LED lights that not only enhance visibility during low – light flights but also add a cool visual effect to the overall flying experience.

As a long-time aficionado of remote-controlled models, I’ve had the pleasure of piloting numerous RC helicopters, but the ESKY 150XP stands out. The single propeller and CC3D gyro stabilization make flying this helicopter a breeze right from takeoff—perfect for beginners looking to soar high or seasoned drone enthusiasts seeking precision. With its upgraded purple hue since November 2018, it also sports a stylish look that’s sure to catch eyes.

This model’s compatibility with SBUS, DSM, and PPM receivers means you have the freedom to use your favorite control system; it’s all about personalization and enhancing your flying experience. Plus, with its convenient size and recommended indoor environment usage, the ESKY 150XP is an ideal pick for those looking to enjoy their hobby without worrying about weather conditions or finding large open spaces.

I selected the ESKY 150XP as our top choice because it merges user-friendliness with customizable options. Whether you’re meticulously tweaking settings for agile maneuvers or simply enjoying casual flight around your living room, this helicopter responds beautifully. Its inclusion in our list isn’t just because it flies well—it represents a harmonious mix of adaptability and reliable performance that makes every lift-off memorable.


  • The ESKY 150XP Remote Control Helicopter offers precise and stable flight control with its 6 Axis Gyro and CC3D technology.
  • It is compatible with SBUS, DSM, and PPM receivers, providing flexibility for different remote control setups.
  • With a 5 – channel design, the helicopter allows for versatile maneuverability during flights.
  • Its Bind-N-Fly (BNF) feature simplifies setup and allows for quick integration with compatible transmitters.


  • Controller is not included – you need to buy a compatible controller
  • Limited flight time per battery charge
  • Not suitable for outdoor use in windy conditions
  • Replacement parts can be expensive

This high-quality remote controlled helicopter is perfect for anyone looking to experience the excitement and precision of flying a 5CH RC helicopter. Its advanced features, such as the 6 Axis Gyro and CC3D technology make it ideal for enthusiasts who want complete control over their flights. Whether you’re a seasoned pilot or just starting out, the ESKY 150XP will take your flying skills to the next level. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity – get yours today!

Product Info

ESKY 150XP 5CH 6 Axis Gyro’ CC3D RC Helicopter BNF Compatible with SBUS DSM PPM Receiver
  • ESKY 150XP 5CH 6 Axis Gyro’ CC3D RC Helicopter BNF Compatible With SBUS DSM PPM Receiver

2. ESKY F150BL Remote Control Helicopter

ESKY F150BL Remote Control Helicopter

(Images Credits: Amazon)

Master the Skies with Advanced Gyroscope and LED Tail Lights


  • Lightweight and compact design for easy maneuverability
  • Equipped with a powerful motor for smooth and stable flight
  • Remote control distance of up to 100 meters for extended play
  • Durable construction made to withstand crashes and impact
  • LED lights for added visibility during night flights
  • Suitable for hobbyists aged 16 years and above

I recently had the chance to pilot the ESKY F150BL V3 5CH RC Helicopter, and I’m thrilled to share that it soared beyond my expectations. With a hobby-grade model inspired by the Airwolf movie, this fighter plane simulator isn’t just a toy; it’s an entry into aviation for beginners and children who dream of taking to the skies. The built-in 6-axis gyroscope keeps flights smooth and stable, allowing you to focus on mastering your piloting skills rather than battling against instability.

This helicopter comes ready-to-fly right out of the box which means no tedious setup time. The LED lights at its tail are not only cool but practical too, lighting up as soon as the aircraft is airborne – adding to that authentic flying experience every enthusiast craves. Plus, with safety in mind for our younger or novice pilots, this chopper was designed light and slow enough to avoid any serious mishap.

The reason why we rank this gem at number two is because of its professional upgrades without compromising user-friendliness. The Powerbrick ESKY F150BL V3 boasts an improved remote control system using high-end technology that promises precise command over your flight movements while leaving room for future enhancements with additional channels. Combine this with comprehensive instructions and accessible customer support; you have a product that helps users learn quickly and grow their flying skills effectively—making every minute of airtime pure adrenaline-pumping joy!


  • Enhanced flight performance with over 36% improvement in on-board nanny program
  • Improved stability by 20% due to optimized sensor process and hardware upgrade
  • Better visibility with LED lights at the tail that turn on during flight and off when stationary
  • Upgraded RC system with professional air protocol supporting up to 18 channels


  • Assembly may be challenging for some users due to the finer parts and intricate structure modifications.
  • Additional parts may be required to enable 6 channels or more on the remote control, which could incur extra costs.
  • The comprehensive upgrade of the remote control system might involve a learning curve for beginners.

The ESKY F150BL Remote Control Helicopter is perfect for the adventurous hobbyist or young aspiring pilot looking to experience the thrill of flying a realistic simulation aircraft. Elevate your RC game with its advanced 6-axis gyroscope and improved stability, while adding a touch of Hollywood nostalgia with its LED tail lights reminiscent of the iconic Airwolf. Ready to take off? Grab yours now and get ready for an epic flight experience!

Product Info

Powerbrick ESKY F150BL V3 5CH RC Helicopter Aircraft, Electric Simulation Tail-LED Fighter Plane Hobby-Grade Model for Airwolf Movie, 6-axis Gyroscope, Ready to Fly, for Beginner Children Teen
  • Compared to F150X, F150BL V3 features the following upgrades: the biggest change is the comprehensive upgrade of remote control system, which applies GWYs high-end AHSS (registered) wireless frequency hopping control technology and protocol to the 150 small aircraft, redesigning and re-molding the appearance of the remote control.
  • The new RC system is professional as the air protocol supports up to 18 channels while for now only 5 channels are open on the airwolf and the other 13 channels are reserved for subsequent function upgrades. With ESKYs own receiver (GWY), this remote control can be applied to any fixed-wing, cross-plane, helicopter, car model, boat model and so on. Note that the remote control needs to be fitted with some parts to enable 6 channels or more, such as switches, buttons, sliders, etc.
  • Structure Upgrades: Added LED lights at the tail will be on when the helicopter is flying and off when it stops. This LED light is connected to the tail motor, which is installed on the tail of the fuselage, not directly connected to the fuselage. The internal structure of the rotating head was modified to provide a tighter fit, with finer parts (it needs to be assembled with a magnifying glass for the mass production), which results in a smoother rotation and better flight performance.


In conclusion, the Esky remote controlled helicopters offer unparalleled stability and versatility, making them ideal for both beginners and experienced pilots. With features like altitude hold and durable construction, these helicopters provide an entertaining and skill-developing flying experience.

For those looking to purchase a reliable and high-performance RC helicopter, I recommend considering the ESKY 150XP Remote Control Helicopter for its smooth flight performance. Additionally, the ESKY F150BL Remote Control Helicopter stands out for its lightweight design and long-range remote control distance, providing an immersive flying experience for hobbyists aged 16 years and above.


1. Can children operate the Esky Remote Controlled Helicopter?

Yes, children can operate the helicopter under adult supervision, as it is designed for users of various skill levels.

2. What type of batteries does the Esky Remote Controlled Helicopter use?

The helicopter typically uses rechargeable lithium-polymer batteries for prolonged flight times.

3. Are spare parts readily available for Esky Remote Controlled Helicopters?

Yes, spare parts such as blades and landing gears are commonly available from hobby stores or online retailers.

4. Can I perform stunts with the Esky Remote Controlled Helicopter?

Yes, you can perform aerial maneuvers and stunts with practice and adherence to safety guidelines provided in the user manual.

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